Documentum 16.3 delayed until Feb 2018

If you access the new support page, there is a section where you can find roadmaps for the products, and if you check the Documentum related ones, you’ll see the target date for ths new version listing new features. Without going into much detail (As I’m not sure how public this info is), these caught my atention:

  1. Ongoing exposure of D2 APIs through REST (goodbye DFS?)
  2. Native support for S3 object storage protocols to alleviate storage costs (goodbye OnDemand, hello AWS?)
  3. New REST Services (see #1, no mention of DFS anywhere to be found)
  4. Webtop will get a 16.3 version (yeah!)


Updated roadmap, webinar and FAQ from OpenText Documentum

If you registered for the webinar OpenText held a few weeks ago (if you didn’t, maybe you can check Andrey’s post on the subject), you should have received an invitation to some site from OT with a FAQ about the Documentum stack. I’m not going to paste it here, just in case it’s not public, but IMHO, the highlights are:

  • Content Server: Aligment with ECD. No new features but trying to move to a microservices architechture. It probably means CS won’t evolve anymore.
  • Webtop: Several points on this. Will keep being supported and updated to support latest CS.
  • Rest: Every new product based on this. No mention about DFS (I hope it’s dead, unless they decide to update with libraries from this decade)
  • xCP: It looks like xCP 1.x support will be over by the end of 2019.
  • Support: Still through EMC’s site until the end of the year.

DFS 7.2 (7.x?) vs JBoss 7.1.1 (plus some other tips)

I’m currently involved in a 6.6 -> 7.2 migration, consider the following tips if you are in a similar situation:

  • JBoss 7.1.1 won’t work with JRE/JDK8, stick to 1.7. It seems it doesn’t work with a 64bit JVM either.
  • DFS 7.2 won’t work out of the box in JBoss (not sure about other app servers): You’ll get a crypto error no matter what. Check SR #000185942 for a similar error with xCP 2.1 and apply the same fix (or do what I did: use the JARs from DA 7.2). Be sure to actually test the services with soapui/xmlspy/custom test class because even though wsdl are accesible the services won’t work.

For your custom DFS services:

  • Stick with JRE6/7 as JRE8 won’t work with the build files provided by the SDK.
  • If you have slightly complex services, they won’t compile due to bugs in the bundled JAXB jar version. Download JAXB version 2.2.6 (at least), remove the META-INF/maven folder from the jars and replace the jaxb jars included in the SDK.
  • I had to use additional libraries not included with the DFS SDK to generate the custom service ear: jaxp-api.jar, jaxp-ri.jar, jax-qname.jar and relaxngDatatype.jar.

After this changes, now I can run the OOTB DFS and the custom services, so now I just have to test everything (still) works…