Documentum 16.3 delayed until Feb 2018

If you access the new support page, there is a section where you can find roadmaps for the products, and if you check the Documentum related ones, you’ll see the target date for ths new version listing new features. Without going into much detail (As I’m not sure how public this info is), these caught my atention:

  1. Ongoing exposure of D2 APIs through REST (goodbye DFS?)
  2. Native support for S3 object storage protocols to alleviate storage costs (goodbye OnDemand, hello AWS?)
  3. New REST Services (see #1, no mention of DFS anywhere to be found)
  4. Webtop will get a 16.3 version (yeah!)


14 thoughts on “Documentum 16.3 delayed until Feb 2018

  1. Is DFS a personal target for your projects? Baseline REST is a mature offering and it has active Engineering working on it. The planet seems to be focused on a RESTful interface and the DCTM platform is meeting that focus with a set of platform APIs. As I’m sure you are aware Captiva, xCP and D2 can be access through REST interfaces.


    • I buy your argument 🙂 I still rather use REST, as long as it meets the business requirements. Besides, and I’m quoting EMC/OT here (lol), if you want to use worflows, you should use their “rapid application development platform”, aka xCP (or “excremental (de)composition platform) 😛


    • Tomas, you just have confirmed my thesis that ECD employees experience difficulties with reading, my original message was about the fact that after more than 8 years of development REST API lacks a lot of vital functionality (if talk about “transactional processing” the ““chained” operations” is just a small part of required API, but even this part is implemented incorrectly). And Craig’s blog was mentioned above to provide the correct estimation of how old REST API is – compare with yours “Baseline REST is a mature offering and it has active Engineering working on it”. All what ECD was/is doing could be described using following quote:

      > Doug the Head: We got sandy beaches.
      > Avi: So who the fuck wants to see them?

      for example:

      Thomas Rouse: Documentum has mature REST API, which does not support even 10% of Content Server functionality
      Customers: So who the fuck wants to use it?


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