DFS 7.2 (7.x?) vs JBoss 7.1.1 (plus some other tips)

I’m currently involved in a 6.6 -> 7.2 migration, consider the following tips if you are in a similar situation:

  • JBoss 7.1.1 won’t work with JRE/JDK8, stick to 1.7. It seems it doesn’t work with a 64bit JVM either.
  • DFS 7.2 won’t work out of the box in JBoss (not sure about other app servers): You’ll get a crypto error no matter what. Check SR #000185942 for a similar error with xCP 2.1 and apply the same fix (or do what I did: use the JARs from DA 7.2). Be sure to actually test the services with soapui/xmlspy/custom test class because even though wsdl are accesible the services won’t work.

For your custom DFS services:

  • Stick with JRE6/7 as JRE8 won’t work with the build files provided by the SDK.
  • If you have slightly complex services, they won’t compile due to bugs in the bundled JAXB jar version. Download JAXB version 2.2.6 (at least), remove the META-INF/maven folder from the jars and replace the jaxb jars included in the SDK.
  • I had to use additional libraries not included with the DFS SDK to generate the custom service ear: jaxp-api.jar, jaxp-ri.jar, jax-qname.jar and relaxngDatatype.jar.

After this changes, now I can run the OOTB DFS and the custom services, so now I just have to test everything (still) works…



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