OpenText AppWorks 16.7 install guide

I should add: for Documentum newbies in OpenText products πŸ™‚

I’ve recently had to test/evaluate OpenText AppWorks as a suitable solution for development purposes.

If you’re not familiar with OpenText portfolio, AppWorks is OpenText equivalent to Documentum’s xCP. A “framework” that allows you to build “process oriented” applications. Also, somewhat like D2, as there’s no coding in AppWorks.

For those of you that are wondering, installing this wasn’t really that easy, and it seems Documentum documentation is not the only “lacking” documentation πŸ™‚

So, let’s start:


Windows 10 x64 8GB RAM
VMware Workstation Player 12

CentOS 7 x64 25GB HD 4GB RAM 2 cores
PostgreSQL 9.6
Documentum 16.4

VM Creation

I’ve used the VM created on theΒ Opentext Documentum 16.4 PostgreSQL Developer Edition, but you can use any VM with PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Configuration

Follow the instructions on any of the previous guides (Opentext Documentum 16.4 PostgreSQL Developer Edition,Β Opentext Documentum 16.7 PostgreSQL Developer Edition) to get PostgreSQL running, then create a new database. I’ve used phpPgAdmin to create a user (appworks), tablespace (appworks, remember to create the folder on the filesystem before creating the tablespace) and a database (appworks).

Additionally, you also need to download PostgreSQL’s JDBC driver from this page.

TomEE Configuration

Be aware that this is not Tomcat πŸ™‚ You’ll need to download the TomEE (I’ve used the Plume 8.0.0 version) from TomEE download page. As with Tomcat, just unzip and you’ll have a familiar structure. Also, set this TomEE to run under openJDK (I used openJDK 11, as this is required later by AppWorks).

Additional configuration to do:

  • Modify tomcat-users.xml with the following:

<role rolename=”tomee-admin” />
<role rolename=”manager-gui”/>
<role rolename=”manager-script”/>
<role rolename=”manager-jmx”/>
<role rolename=”manager-status”/>
<role rolename=”admin-gui”/>
<role rolename=”admin-script”/>

<user username=”tomee” password=”tomee” roles=”admin-gui,manager-gui,tomee-admin”/>
<user username=”opentext” password=”opentext” roles=”admin-gui,admin-script,manager-gui,manager-script,manager-jms,manager-status,tomee-admin”/>
<user username=”rpc” password=”rpc” roles=”admin-script,manager-script,manager-jmx”/>


  • Rename /lib/openejb-core-eclipselink-8.0.0.jar to /lib/openejb-core-eclipselink-8.0.0.bak
  • Copy postgresql JDBC driver to \lib folder (although I’m quite sure this is not really needed)
  • Configure a service on the server for Tomee and name it “tomee”

CARS Configuration

  • Run the installer:

sudo JAVA_HOME=/opt/opentext/jdk-11 CLASSPATH=/opt/opentext/postgresql-42.2.9.jar PATH=/opt/opentext/jdk-11/bin:$PATH ./OpenText_CARS_2.6.bin

2020-01-08 20_01_33-01

2020-01-08 20_01_51-02

2020-01-08 20_02_01-03

2020-01-08 20_02_14-04

2020-01-08 20_02_39-06

2020-01-08 20_02_58-07

2020-01-08 20_03_12-08

2020-01-08 20_03_41-09

AppWorks Configuration

You’ll need a license to install AppWorks. This trial license can be requested from the support site.

  • Run the installer:

sudo JAVA_HOME=/opt/opentext/jdk-11 CLASSPATH=/opt/opentext/postgresql-42.2.9.jar PATH=/opt/opentext/jdk-11/bin:$PATH ./OpenText_AppWorks_Platform_16.7.bin

2020-01-08 20_06_59-01_1

2020-01-08 20_07_26-02_1

2020-01-08 20_07_40-03_1

2020-01-08 20_07_54-04_1

2020-01-08 20_08_04-05_1

2020-01-08 20_08_19-06_1

2020-01-08 20_08_30-07_1

2020-01-08 20_08_41-08_1

2020-01-08 20_08_59-09_1

2020-01-08 20_09_45-10_1

2020-01-08 20_10_10-11_1

2020-01-08 20_10_26-12_1

2020-01-08 20_11_00-13_1

2020-01-08 20_11_10-14_1

2020-01-08 20_12_03-15_1

2020-01-08 20_12_23-16_1

2020-01-08 20_12_40-17_1

2020-01-08 20_13_52-18_1

Last, but not least, some sources of information related to AppWorks: