Repoint/Older clients compatibility with certificate-based SSL mode

None. (At least officialy)

While configuring a full 7.1/D2 4.2/xCP2.1 environment using this new mode recommended by EMC, I faced the problem of trying to connect to the repository with composer/repoint/older clients.

The first problem came while installing CIS, which is still v7.0. Solution? Just overwrite bundled DFC jars with the ones from 7.1 and you’re good to go (completely unsupported, of course)

  • Composer/repoint (I’m refering to “Composer/repoint” as I’m configuring a composer 6.6 with repoint included -> Composer/Repoint plugins/guides, if you use a “simple” composer, you’d better go and download composer 7.1)
    • Go to Composer\plugins\com.emc.ide.external.dfc_1.0.0\documentum.config and update including the keystore info
    • launch composer -> error (expected)
    • Overwrite everything in Composer\plugins\com.documentum.dfc_1.0.0\lib with 7.1 jars
    • Same with Composer\plugins\com.emc.ide.external.dfc_1.0.0\lib
    • Update Composer\plugins\com.documentum.dfc_1.0.0\config\config.jar with correct
    • launch composer -> success

There most likely be some issues with this way of configuring composer/repoint, however it seems to work (at least you should be able to query the repository)

This works fine for repoint, however, other clients such as Samson or DQL Tester will be useless with 7.1 certificate-based security as those still use the old DMCL.

  • Note about wdk applications (depends on the existing customizations):

By now you should probably imagine what can you do. Overwriting WEB-INF/lib with the lib from a 7.1 WDK app and updating should get you going if you need to connect from an older app to a new repository.



Composer/Repoint plugins/guides


This is a list of plugins/guides I’ve developed over the years:

This Composer plugin provides a button that allows you to quickly change your configuration from a configurable list enabling the use different environments so you don’t have to use different composers or manually change

This guide will help you integrate repoint into your composer (as a perspective), so you don’t need to have multiple eclipse’s instances opened at the same time.

While repoints allows you to run API scripts from the API commands windows, it doesn’t work with DQL scripts. This plugin modifies the DQL command window so it will recognize the script sintax (@absolute_path_to_script_file)

This plugin modifies the DQL command window in repoint so you can use the auto-complete feature with default/custom document types and attributes while you type the DQL query.