Experimental Documentum Workflow Manager 21.2 Install guide

Opentext has released an experimental new Workflow Manager for Documentum that uses an interface similar to Smartview (and that can be integrated with D2).

This is a step-by-step guide to install the Workflow Manager 21.2.


Same as used in Opentext Documentum 21.2 PostgreSQL Install Guide

Get the installer files

If you go to the download page, you’ll see that only the Windows version of Process Engine is available, although the install guide mentions a Linux distribution. The workaround for this is to download process engine 21.2 from XCP 🙂

Install Process Engine

  • Just un-tar the file and run the installer (with JMS stoppped), you’ll get an error at the end, but this is due to the installer trying to start Wildfly (not everything is yet updated for Tomcat):

dmadmin@dctm212:/opt/documentum/sw/pe$ tar xvf process_engine_linux.tar
dmadmin@dctm212:/opt/documentum/sw/pe$ chmod u+x peSetup.bin
dmadmin@dctm212:/opt/documentum/sw/pe$ source /opt/documentum/product/21.2/bin/dm_set_server_env.sh
dmadmin@dctm212:/opt/documentum/sw/pe$ ./peSetup.bin

Start JMS and you can check if BPM is running in the following URLs:

Worflow Manager Application deployment

  • Deploy war file with an updated dfc.properties file and modify the deployment.properties file:

dmadmin@dctm212:/opt/tomcat/webapps/designer-webapp/WEB-INF/classes$ vi deployment.properties
xcp.workspace.root=”/System/Applications/XCP Application Templates”

  • Also update rest-api-runtime.properties uncommenting the following line:

dmadmin@dctm212:/opt/tomcat/webapps/designer-webapp/WEB-INF/classes$ vi rest-api-runtime.properties

Now you can check the application on http://dctm212:8080/designer-webapp/signin.html.

We have a kind of familiar view, which should not be strange for those that have worked with PB or XCP:

As it happens with all the new applications from Opentext, properties popups have been replaced by the right side bar:


Just remember that this is not production ready and it is provided as a “beta” application to be tested (similar to Documentum Search)

3 thoughts on “Experimental Documentum Workflow Manager 21.2 Install guide

  1. Alvaro, I somehow stumbled on this page. thank you for your post on this! Please be aware, that the experimental release of 21.2, did not yet support Alias Sets, so usage with D2, would be difficult.

    That is all fixed in WFD (workflow designer) 21.4, due out in a few months.

    -Kyle Pettit, OpenText D2 Product Manager


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