dqMan configuration with Documentum 21.2 and OpenJDK 11 or newer

A while ago you probably saw a statement from fme group saying that dqMan was not compatible with newer Documentum versions:


So, considering that the only “issue” here is using an openJDK x86 / 32bit instead of the x64 (which is the only official one being distributed), these are the steps to get dqMan working with Documentum 21.2 and openJDK 11.

Let’s start

  1. Install Java:
    • You need to download an unofficial openJDK x86/32bit build, you can use for example the ones provided by AdoptOpenJDK here. I suggest you to unzip this on dqMan’s folder
    • Remember that for the native connection to work, you need to remove anon from jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms entry on the java.security file.
  2. Install DFC
    • I don’t think you need much help for this 🙂 You can also just copy dctm.jar and dfc folder from CS.
  3. Install dqman
  4. Copy dmcl.dll from a previous Documentum version to dqman’s folder. Be aware that there’s actually two different dcml.dll version (I think one is 32bit and another 64bit). As far as I know, the one that works is the smaller one (~150KB)
  5. Create a java.ini file on dqMan’s main folder with the following contents:

java_options = ” -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true -Djava.locale.provider=COMPAT,SPI”
java_tool_options = ” -Djava.locale.provider=COMPAT,SPI”

If you did everything correctly you should see the following on the about window:


And this is all you have to do to keep working with dqMan and Documentum 20.x/21.x.

One thought on “dqMan configuration with Documentum 21.2 and OpenJDK 11 or newer

  1. Back in December 2021, fme AG announces development of a new dqMan commercial version for administration of OpenText Documentum. With the new dqMan, users can expect the release of a revised version providing compatibility to current OpenText Documentum applications and feature enhancements like a new user interface offering an improved user experience. In addition, also full native support for x64 and Citrix support is planned. The release is planned for July 2022 and you can find the first information and a early bird discount for the upcoming dqMan here: http://www.dqman.com


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