Say goodbuy LockBox

Documentum in a (nuts)HELL

Imagine that you are a bloody idiot and trust everything what EMC write in their Documentation and, so, when installing content server you have chosen to use LockBox option. The problem is LockBox does protect nothing and, moreover, it is sensitive to machine configuration (MAC address, ip address, hostname, CPU), so, at one point you will get something like:

What to do? Actually, EMC released a special utility (dm_crypto_manage_lockbox) which allows to reset system fingerprints in LockBox, but there is another option – remove LockBox completely and switch to the old good aek.key, all what we need is:

  1. LB.jar, LBJNI.jar from D2 installation
  2. groovy shell

old server.ini:

groovy magic:

new server.ini:

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