DCTMMobile application

Finally I got to re-do my android application (almost) from scratch. I’ve used (again) AndroidStudio, but this time instead of using GSON to parse the responses I decided to use the sample client provided by EMC (Documentum REST Java Client Code Sample) I wanted to use the already-done read/write functionality, but things weren’t so simple. Sure, the client works fine as a Java standalone but I’ve found that the Spring RestTemplate doesn’t play well with Android when using Jackson/Jaxb (meaning I was unable to make it work :P), so I end up using the DQL query service to modify/update attributes as I did before.

Of course, executing an updated DQL is not an OOTB function, as the REST Services doesn’t allow write queries, but you can easily modify this behaviour (Customizing/Extending REST services). If you use the OOTB REST Services you’ll get notifications indicating that only read queries are supported when performing an update operation.

I’ve tested the application with 2.3, 3.2, 4.0 and 4.4 android emulators, and it seems that works just fine (except downloading files in <4.x), so feel free to test it

DCTMMobile at GooglePlay: DCTMMobile – Android Apps on Google Play

More info about the app development in previous posts:

Android app using REST services
Android app using REST services (II)

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