sortablelistbox bug

I think this is not a very used control, otherwise I guess someone would’ve realized by now that if you do something like:

<dmf:sortablelistbox name="parametersList" id="parametersList" width="400" size="10" multiselect="false"/>

which, according to the WDK guide is correct:

 width (Optional) Width of this control

and then load the page:

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /custom/jsp/editor/editor.jsp(46,5) No se puede encontrar el método de escritura para el atributo: width

which in english means: Cannot find write method for the attribute width

So, what’s going on? First, we check the control definition in the TLD:


Ok, so if the attribute is defined, why doesn’t work?

      public void setListBoxWidth(String strWidth)  
        this.m_strWidth = strWidth;  
      public String getListBoxWidth()  
        return this.m_strWidth;  


So, you know, either add “listboxwidth” as an attribute in the TLD or recompile the SortableListBox class adding getWidth/setWidth methods.

I’ve checked this happens (at least) on webtop 6.6, 6.7SP2 and 6.7SP2 patch 17.

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