UCF troubleshooting v2

Here is an updated version from previous post (UCF troubleshooting) with some more/new tips:

UCF installation paths:

  • Windows XP: C:\Document and Settings\[user]\Documentum
  • Windows Vista/7/8: C:\Users\[user]\Documentum
  • Linux: ${home}/Documentum

Timeout/browser/jre problems:

  • Check the supported environment tables in webtop/da release notes. Most JRE versions will work even when aren’t supported, but you’d better check if the supported version works.
  • If not needed, disable ACS and BOCS.
  • If using a proxy, add host’s IP and hostname to the proxy exceptions
  • Add Webtop url to the browser’s pop-up blocker exceptions.
  • In case the UCF aplet cannot be installed, try disabling DEP protection
  • Delete the local UCF installation and try a clean installation
  • [Firefox] Check Java plugin is enabled. Mozilla automatically disables outdated JRE plugins.
  • [IE] Check Sun/Oracle JRE is the default JRE, disable ActiveX filtering, and check Java plugins are enabled in the Manage Addons window.
  • [IE/Firefox] If you are working with a 64 bit SO, check you’re using a 32bit browser with 32bit JRE. 64 bit browser/JRE with UCF is probably a bad idea.
  • [IE] Check Java integration with browsers is enabled.
  • [Java control panel] Delete JRE cache
  • [Java control panel] Disable the next generation Java plug-in.
  • [Java control panel] Disable verification of mixed code security.
  • [Java control panel] Check “Direct Connection” is selected in Network Settings (vishnu.music)
  • [UCF configuration] If UCF keeps throwing a timeout, disable the IPv6 compatibility by changing the following line in ucf.installs.config.xml (located in ${Documentum_UCF}/ucf/config)

<option value=”-Djava.net.preferIPv6Addresses=true“/> to <option value=”-Djava.net.preferIPv6Addresses=false“/>

JRE 7u51+ workaround:

In Java control panel check that:

  • Security is set to medium
  • Your application server url is listed under the exception site list

You should also check the thread The specified discussion was not found. by PanfilovAB if you’re having issues with multiple Java versions

Manual installation:

  • You can install the UCF applet in the client computer manually, just run the folowing bat script:
set DIRNAME=%~dp0%lib\
java -cp %DIRNAME%ucfinit.jar com.documentum.ucf.client.install.TestInstall "file:///%URLDIR%" "ucf.installer.config.xml"

This is the structure/files you need for this script to work (you can find these files in /wdk/contentXfer/):


And don’t forget to check UCF logs if you’re still having problems

3 thoughts on “UCF troubleshooting v2

  1. I happen to face a wierd technical issue with a customer involving UCF. For so many business reasons, customer has decided to deploy a webtop 6.8 based application on weblogic 14c server running on JDK-11. I know it is not certified, not supported but it has happened this way.
    Initially, there was an error related to DFC incompatibility, the connection to docbase was failing, it was resolved by following opentext knowledgebase KB11988676 (own finding, not officially recommended by opentext for this issue). At this stage, all the features of webtop are working fine except the UCF. If I invoke UCF operations, then it works for few seconds and then the entire app server becomes unresponsive, after a long wait, the browser displays a message like “Can’t connect securely to this page ….”, the network tab in browser developer tools (F12) displays a lot of stuck requests even for static pages. There is no specific information about this issue in webtop log file (DEBUG mode) and none in weblogic log file as well, nothing in browser developer console, there is no clue on why the app server would behave this way. And of course, opentext support can’t be approached for this case, as I mentioned earlier, this is not supported.
    Appreciate any clues or hints to resolve this issue, appreciate your thoughts.


    • Are you using secure connection mode? Have you whitelisted the anon encryption algorithm? Also the parameters for that KB may need to be set on both client & server, as DFC won’t work properly with java > 1.8 without those


  2. Are you using secure connection mode? Yes
    Have you whitelisted the anon encryption algorithm? Already done, forgot to mention it here.
    Also parameters for that KB ….. It is already set on the appserver.

    One more info, I forgot to mention is UCF applet runs on Java 1.8 in browser side.
    All features of webtop works fine, its only when the UCF operations are invoked then things dont work well. Even the UCF works fine for few minutes, then the ap server doesn’t respond. So far, absolutely no clue on what is causing this trouble. If I atleast know the technical root cause, I can research for a possible workaround.


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