DQL Tester FX

As you may or may not know, DQL Tester doesn’t work anymore with Documentum >= 16.4, as the support for dmcl.dll has been dropped. However, there’s a new project that tries to provide a similar tool that works with Documentum: DQL Tester FX

I’ve downloaded the code and done some modifications of my own (shortcuts, changed some button positions, etc.), and it’s quite easy (despite using JavaFX, which is not something that every Documentum developer is used to).

As the how-to to set up the project is done usgin IntelliJ, here you can find another how-to to configure the project on eclipse (without using maven, sorry):

  1. Download latest eclipse
  2. Download openJDK 11 (>=11.0.1+13)
  3. Download JavaFX SDK
  4. If you want to use the BPM/Workflow features, you’ll need to get a copy of the BPM libraries (bpm_infra/rt.jar)
  5. Get a copy of the following DFC libraries:
    • aspectjrt.jar
    • certj.jar
    • commons-lang-2.4.jar
    • cryptoj.jar
    • dfc.jar
    • log4j.jar
  6. Download the following jar files:
  7. Get a working dfc.properties
  8. Create a log4j.properties file as instructed in DQL Tester FX Github page
  9. Download DQL Texter FX code
  10. Launch eclipse, configure an additional JRE using openJDK 11
  11. Unzip DQL Tester FX code to the workspace, and create a new project using the name of the folder you just extracted (DQL-Tester-FX-master), this will detect the existing project and will import it.
  12. Change the default JRE with the OpenJDK created before, if it has been set to a different JRE/JDK.
  13. Add all the libraries to the project’s build path
  14. Create a new Run configuration:
    • Main class: nl.bos.Main
    • VM arguments: –module-path “<full_path_to_javafx-sdk>\javafx-sdk-11.0.2\lib” –add-modules=javafx.controls,javafx.fxml -Ddfc.properties.file=”<absolute_path_to_dfc.properties>” -Dlog4j.configuration=”<absolute_path_to_log4j.properties>”
    • Make sure openJDK is selected as JRE
    • Add the resources (src/main) folder in the dependencies tab as part of the classpath entries
  15. Run it!

This should get you going with the project in Eclipse.

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