Opentext iHub integration with Documentum

One of the new features of Documentum 16.4 is the integration with Opentext’s iHub analytics software. If you don’t know what iHub is, it’s something like a preconfigured set of reports (if you’ve used Jasper Reports, it’s quite similar) which now comes with a bundled OOTB reports for Documentum.

I’ve been trying to set it up in a test environment just to check it out but I’ve been having some problems.

Even though the installation is quite straightforward for some reason it refused to work, and it was impossible to login into the application. After discarding me as the problem, I pinpoint the error to the login info sent to Documentum.  This information is configured in the dctm_ihub_user_map.json file, which the documentation states, has the following format:

If you want to have a separate user mapping between Documentum and iHub user, then add a new entry (in bold) as in the following example:
“name”: “Default Volume”,
“users”: {
“name”: “Administrator”,
“password”: “”
Documentum Administrator
“dmadmin”: {
“name”: “dmadmin”,
“password”: “”
“dctm_testuser”: {
“name”: “ihub_testuser”,
“password”: “testpassword”

I was sure something was wrong there, so I decompiled the classes that read that file and, oh surprise:

DvrIPSE.IPSEUser localIPSEUser = (DvrIPSE.IPSEUser)localMap.get(paramString2.toUpperCase());

I guess I’ll be filling a “documentation bug”…

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