Support adventures

I’ve said many times that support is mostly useless, and that support metrics do more harm than good.

I’m currently involved in a migration from an old 6.0 environment to 7.x (this means that we have to install a clean 6.0 in the new servers, upgrade to 6.6 then upgrade to 7.x), so, as 6.0 is out of support, the downloads aren’t available. Of course, this means having to engage with support, while the customer approaches OpenText reps to get the installers. As expected, the support way was quite short:

Me: Can we have access to the Documentum 6.0 for Linux/Oracle installers in the download section or in the FTP?

Support: Unfortunately Documentum 6.0 is out of support .You can access the documentum content server 6.6 and later versions

From a support metric perspective, this gaves support “premium” rating:

  • Incident resolved: check.
  • Time from opening the case to closing it: 2 hours.

So, for support, this a success history (plus a bonus, because they’ve used their registry of solutions to provide a “solution”, for sure is great for a hardware company).

However, the sad truth is that nothing has been resolved (as if I wasn’t aware that 6.0 is out of support) and we’ll have to wait until some representative from OpenText provides us with the installers in order to perform the upgrade (assuming that OpenText has some interest in keeping customers that bother to upgrade their environments).

3 thoughts on “Support adventures

  1. I wasn’t expecting a “hey, here you have the installers” answers, but I wasn’t expecting either a “you have 6.6 if you want it”. Well, I take from granted that OpenText will provide the installers sooner or later (I hope it is sooner)


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