Support almost got it right

I was dealing with a problem with D2 (ha!), and suspected that I couldn’t be the first one having this issue so I decided to check support page. I found the problem and a “solution”, but I couldn’t avoid thinking about “Maybe OpenText will add value to Documentum after all” and the “talented team” when I saw the solution:

Clearing d2c_preferences object resolves issue, using the below DQL:
delete from d2c_preferences where object_name='<User Name>’

It was close enough to be filled as a solution, I guess 😀

5 thoughts on “Support almost got it right

  1. I have no idea how they fill knowledge base up, it is clear that provided DQL statement is wrong, but one the other hand someone has written this support note and another one has approved it – congratulations: there are at least two imbeciles in company. But the problem is more complex: there are not just two imbeciles, but much more, and explanation for this consideration is pretty clear: wise people do not hire imbeciles.


  2. Maybe it’s been too long since I worked with Documentum but that DQL looks right to me and I believe I used it quite often when working with D2… :/

    Anyway, having more recently worked with the OpenText product guys I can tell you that Documentum support was way way way better.


    • Hey Michael! Hope you’re doing fine!

      That’s a right… SQL, DQL would be “delete d2c_preferences object where…” 😉

      And, considering what I heard about OpenText support when Atos was using LiveLink, I have to agree with you, I am afraid of what we’ll have with OpenText…


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