(Unofficial) D2 4.6 Developer Edition

I had time to install the latest D2, and as usual, it wasn’t just “next, next, next, finish” so I took the chance to do a quick post


Required software

  • emc-dfs-sdk-7.2.zip
  • D2_4.6.0_P03.zip

D2 Installation


  • Stop Tomcat, JMS, Content Server and docbroker
  • Create the following folder structure:
    • $DOCUMENTUM/d2
    • $DOCUMENTUM/d2/install
    • $DOCUMENTUM/d2/dfs72
    • $DOCUMENTUM/d2/dar
    • $DOCUMENTUM/d2/d2-api
    • $DOCUMENTUM/d2/lockbox
  • Copy to the $DOCUMENTUM/d2/dfs72 the contents of emc-dfs-sdk-7.2.zip
  • Modify sdk’s dfc.properties to use the existing content server dfc.properties file

[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 d2]$ vi dfs72/etc/dfc.properties
#include /opt/documentum/config/dfc.properties

  • Copy to $DOCUMENTUM/d2/install the contents of D2_4.6.0_P03.zip

And let’s install D2:

[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 install]$ java -jar D2-Installer-4.6.0.jar

Next screens are just “next, next, next”. Despite what the screens says, the installer won’t configure Lockbox anyway, but it will install the required files.

Also, the installer will most likely fail when installing the DAR files, pointing to a non-existing log file. Just ignore it, as it looks like the installer is unable to install the dar files, so we’ll be manually installing those later.

PostInstall Configuration

  • Set environment variables:

export D2
export D2_API
export D2_LOCKBOX
export PATH

  • Create lockbox file:

[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 d2]$ java com.emc.common.java.crypto.SetLockboxProperty $D2 D2Method.passphrase <your passphrase>

  • Copy D2.lockbox to the JMS:

[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 d2]$ cp D2.lockbox /opt/documentum/jboss7.1.1/server/DctmServer_MethodServer/deployments/ServerApps.ear/APP-INF/classes/

  • Create the following folder:

[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 d2]$ mkdir -p /opt/documentum/jboss7.1.1/modules/emc/d2/lockbox/main

  • Copy LB.jar and LBJNI.jar to that folder:

[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 d2]$ cp LB* /opt/documentum/jboss7.1.1/modules/emc/d2/lockbox/main/

  •  Create a module.xml file with the following content:

[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 d2]$ vi /opt/documentum/jboss7.1.1/modules/emc/d2/lockbox/main/module.xml
<module xmlns=”urn:jboss:module:1.1″ name=”emc.d2.lockbox”>
<resource-root path=”LB.jar” />
<resource-root path=”LBJNI.jar” />

  • Edit jboss-deployment-structure.xml and add the following section inside the deployments node:

[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 d2]$ vi /opt/documentum/jboss7.1.1//server/DctmServer_MethodServer/deployments/ServerApps.ear/META-INF/jboss-deployment-structure.xml
<module name=”emc.d2.lockbox”/>

  •  And the following to the exclusions section:

<module name=”org.slf4j” />
<module name=”org.slf4j.impl” />
<module name=”org.hibernate” />

  • Copy LB.jar and LBJNI.jar to tomcat’s lib folder:

[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 d2]$ cp LB* /opt/tomcat8/lib/

  •  Edit lockboxPath property from D2-Config/WEB-INF/classes/D2-Config.properties and D2/WEB-INF/classes/D2FS.properties to point to $D2 (use the actual path):


Dar Installation

  • Install the following DARs:


[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 dar]$ java -Ddar=$D2/dar/D2-DAR.dar -Dlogpath=$D2/dar/D2-DAR.log -Ddocbase=dctm72 -Duser=dmadmin -Ddomain= -Dpassword=dmadmin -cp $DM_HOME/install/composer/ComposerHeadless/startup.jar org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main -data $DM_HOME/install/composer/workspace -application org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner -buildfile $DM_HOME/install/composer/deploy.xml


[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 dar]$ java -Ddar=$D2/dar/D2Widget-DAR.dar -Dlogpath=$D2/dar/D2Widget-DAR.log -Ddocbase=dctm72 -Duser=dmadmin -Ddomain= -Dpassword=dmadmin -cp $DM_HOME/install/composer/ComposerHeadless/startup.jar org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main -data $DM_HOME/install/composer/workspace -application org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner -buildfile $DM_HOME/install/composer/deploy.xml


[dmadmin@vm-dctm72 dar]$ java -Ddar=$D2/dar/Collaboration_Services.dar -Dlogpath=$D2/dar/Collaboration_Services.log -Ddocbase=dctm72 -Duser=dmadmin -Ddomain= -Dpassword=dmadmin -cp $DM_HOME/install/composer/ComposerHeadless/startup.jar org.eclipse.core.launcher.Main -data $DM_HOME/install/composer/workspace -application org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner -buildfile $DM_HOME/install/composer/deploy.xml

  • Start docbroker, Content, JMS, Tomcat and (hopefully) everything should start fine (check JMS’ log as we’ve been messing with its configuration and anything out of place will cause it to fail)

One thought on “(Unofficial) D2 4.6 Developer Edition

  1. Its a very good document. However , when I try to install D2 4.6 patch 6 on CentOS I am getting a strange error after providing the Installation Owner name and Password. The Installer is giving a Pop up as “Installation Owner is not correct. Please re-fill” , allthough I am providing correct installation owner name and password.


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