Must-have tools for Documentum

After reading Scott Roth‘s blogpost about managing DCMT urls ( I decided to share my must-have tools when developing:

  • SecureCRT/mRemote/mRemoteNG/RoyalTS: For the last couple of years I’ve been using a custom fork from mRemoteNG with some added functionality. Currently I’m testing RoyalTS with the free 1-year EMC Elect license. Any of these is a must-have when working with remote servers and you should take your time to configure the commands to launch ftp/sftp/ssh commands from the connection list.
  • Excel/CSV/sticky Notes/Browser bookmarks: To list every URL you have access to. Usually browser bookmarks/sticky notes work for me.
  • Launchy/executor: Applications launchers. You can set them up to index browser bookmarks and quickly access DA/Webtop/whatever. The same goes for remote sessions.
  • DQLTester: small, fast, samson-like utility. Even if it still uses dmcl, it’s probably the best portable tool to have in case of an emergency


  • SquirrelSQL: Free/Open-Source database tool.
  • dmclC: This is a little program I made that works as an application launcher. It allows to quickly change your dmcl.ini to point to a different docbroker. Useful when working in several environments when (still) using old clients and you don’t want to be manually editing dmcl.ini every time you wnat to use a different environment.


  • Cygwin: You are always going to miss linux commands (tail!) when using Windows.
  • dqMan: no comments needed, even if I’m not a huge fan

Feel free to add your favourite tools in the comments



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