Firefox 24 and future versions will block every Java object by default

As stated here: 914690 – In Firefox 24 and following, mark all versions of Java as unsafe every java version is going to be marked as unsafe by default, meaning you’ll have to manually enable/allow every time you use any java object (If you’re on Firefox beta channel you should realized by now that something was “wrong” when using webtop/ucf transfer with the latest versions: You have to manually allow actions like selecting a file to check-in or every UCF operation)

You probably know by now what this means to Webtop… oh God, when I though I couldn’t hate more UCF, now this… Am I the only one that *loves* having to deal with end-users/customers that take for granted that this Java-Browser compatibilities are a “Documentum problem”…

PS: go HTTP transfer mode!



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