EMC Proven Professional Certifications (Documentum) – Update

A few thoughts on the certification framework, once I taken most of the tests:

  • E10-110 (Foundation): New 110 brings D7 stuff and it seems it has a higher correct answer % requirement. It’s harder than the old e20-120, unless you’ve gone through install/migration of the D7 stuff and D2.
  • E20-495 (xCP): I don’t understand why this tests only covers xCP 2 and the 110 covers both xCP 1.5 and 2. One of the thoughest test due to the range of products that are included the stack.
  • E20-465 (Administration): Read the administration guide. Easy even with the D7 stuff included in the last revision
  • E20-405 (DFC): If you’re done some DFC coding and read the DFC development guide (the are questions that are a copy/paste from the guide or viceversa). Could use a little update.
  • E20-455 (WDK): Pretty much the same as DFC test, reading the WDK guide you should be good to go.
  • E20-475 (System Architecture): No documentation available for this test. Read every single manual, have a very clear idea of the goal of each product and take a look to the HW stuff EMC sells (clariion, symmetrix, celerra, etc) if you’re not familiar with it. If you have done some kind of administration work, it will be easier. Having passed this test, I think some questions belong to the Application Architecture test and not to this one. It needs an update (and probably be merged with the 485)
  • E20-485 (Application Architecture): No documentation availble. Pretty much use case scenarios to select the best solution (from the available choices). Similar to 475.

To sum up, 405, 455, 465 can be passed without even studying, 110 and 465 require at least some degree of preparation, and 475-485 are the one that need more reading (and even with that, you’ll probably come across some WTF questions on the test)



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