Multiple environments with dqMan/DQLTester


Environment with multiple Documentum installations, different versions, repositories with same names in different versions, etc. Cannot install software in your local machine.

Some solutions:

  1. One big / dmcl.ini with every docbroker: dmcl.ini has a limit of docbrokers (and in my experience, does weird things with a big number of them)
  2. Generate dynamically “Much” coding for “nothing”
  3. Multiple with different names, renaming accordingly before launching dqMan/DQLTester: Not a big fan of, dfc{dev}.properties, etc and then moving the files around.

Another solution:

With a folder structure such as:


  • launcher.bat
  • properties
    • env1
      • dev
        • dmcl.ini
      • prod
        • dmcl.ini
    • env2
      • dev
        • dmcl.ini
      • prod
        • dmcl.ini
  • etc.


@Echo off

SET dqmanfolder=<path to dqman folder>
SET dqltesterfolder=<path to dqltester folder>
SET folderbase=dfcproperties

echo ****************
echo 1. env1 dev
echo 2. env2 prod
echo ****************

SET /p var= ^> Choose option: 

if "%var%"=="1" goto op1
if "%var%"=="2" goto op2

SET foldervar=%folderbase%\env1\dev
goto finish

SET foldervar=%folderbase%\env1\prod
goto finish

set ClassPath=%cd%\%foldervar%;%ClassPath%
set DMCL_CONFIG=%cd%\%foldervar%\dmcl.ini

start "" /D %dqltesterfolder% /B %dqltesterfolder%\dqltester.exe
start "" /D %dqmanfolder% /B %dqmanfolder%\dqman.exe

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