3 thoughts on “Say goodbuy LockBox. Part II

  1. “new”? LOL. In firefox/chrome: same behaviour than 4.6: thin client mode, http downloads, http upload when checkin a document, after prompt for local file, with “d2 uploader”. IE (with Java): prompt for applet, download opens a select checkout folder to download the file then it opens it. Uploads with “d2 uploader” are automatic. Kill the iplauncher started as IE process child, no more content transfer.
    I always though that the “Java free client” was the thin mode introduced in 4.6 and that has nothing to do with the “workaround” for loading a local java introduced in latest webtop.


    • I`m an idiot and don’t read the documentation 😀 CTF is not available unless you explicitly configure it on the D2 settings file :/ I’ll post captures in a new post, but don’t expect nothing fancy, there’s not much interface to see


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