xCP and D2 developer edition announced in EMC World

EMC has announced the future availabily of two new developer edition VMs and hopefully someone will read this wishlist

  • xCP developer edition (June 30th)
    • Confirmed: A working CTS in Linux (wondering how/if office files transformation works).
    • CIS 7.1
    • Now that you guys have installed everything in Linux, take those installation/configuration scripts that you had to modify because were made in windows and bundle them with the linux installers, so we don’t have to run dos2unix for every script file.
    • “Modular” xCP / remove the need to install every component (at least in development environments). (I don’t expect to see this “working” in this developer edition, but hopefully they’ll consider it for the next xCP release…)
  • D2 developer edition (May 30th)
    • I have doubts about this, is this also an open-source VM? If D2-Config is still an activeX you’ll need a windows machine to configure D2.

And hopefully, we’ll see a production-supported PostgreSQL content in a future version (7.1 SP1? Bedrock?) or at least an official statement about this…



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