What happens when you don’t configure OOTB Jobs (DCTM/xCP)

Environment: DCTM 7.2 + PE 2.2, 2 months running an empty test repository:

  • …/dba/logs/…/agentexec: +150k files
  • …/dba/logs/…/dmadmin: +150k files
  • /Temp/Jobs/…/: +60k objects in several folders (dm_document objects)
  • /System/Sysadmin/Reports/…: +60k versions of some objects (dm_document objects)
  • dm_audittrail: +1.5 million objects
  • Database File Size: ~ 5GB

Be specially careful with the methods that by default run every minute:

  • bpm_XCPAutoTaskMgmt
  • Iniatilizae_WQ

And those that run every hour:

  • QmPriorityAging
  • QmThresholdNotification
  • WfmsTimer
  • WFSuspendTimer

If you’re not using those features you should really disable them. Or run logpurge+audittrail+dmclean as often as possible.

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