UCF troubleshooting

Check the updated version of this post here: UCF troubleshooting v2

Don’t we all love troubleshooting UCF problems? Here’s a quick list of common solutions to usual problems:

UCF installation paths:

  • Windows XP: C:\Document and Settings\[user]\Documentum
  • Windows Vista/7/8: C:\Users\[user]\Documentum
  • Linux: ${home}/Documentum

Timeout/browser/jre problems:

  • Check the supported environment tables in webtop/da release notes. Most JRE versions will work even when aren’t supported, but you’d better check if the supported version works.
  • If not needed, disable ACS and BOCS.
  • If using a proxy, add host’s IP and hostname to the proxy exceptions
  • In case the UCF aplet cannot be installed, try disabling DEP protection
  • Delete the local UCF installation and try a clean installation
  • [Firefox] Check Java plugin is enabled. Mozilla automatically disables outdated JRE plugins.
  • [IE] Check Sun/Oracle JRE is the default JRE, disable ActiveX filtering, and check Java plugins are enabled in the Manage Addons window.
  • [IE/Firefox] If you are working with a 64 bit Operating System, check if you’re using a 32bit browser with 32bit JRE. 64 bit browser/JRE with UCF is probably a bad idea.
  • [IE] Check Java integration with browsers is enabled.
  • [Java control panel] Delete JRE caché
  • [Java control panel] Disable the next generation Java plug-in.
  • [Java control panel] Disable verification of mixed code security.
  • [UCF configuration] If UCF keeps throwing a timeout, disable the IPv6 compatibility by changing the following line in ucf.installs.config.xml (located in ${Documentum_UCF}/ucf/config)

true”/> tofalse”/>

Manual installation:

  • You can install the UCF applet in the client computer manually, just run the folowing bat script:
set DIRNAME=%~dp0%lib\
java -cp %DIRNAME%ucfinit.jar com.documentum.ucf.client.install.TestInstall "file:///%URLDIR%" "ucf.installer.config.xml"

This is the structure/files you need for this script to work (you can find these files in /wdk/contentXfer/):



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