Review of my 2014 predictions

Let’s see:

  • 2014 will be the year of Big Data and the Cloud. By the end of 2014 everyone will be sure that 2015 will be the year of Big Data and the Cloud.

I consider this a yes

  • At least one big cloud provider will make the news for some epic fail (interruption of service, data loss, data theft or something similar…) that will seriously hit the credibility of cloud providers (for at least a week )

I’ll take the “celebgate” as a cloud provider issue

  • PanfilovAB will found more vulnerabilites in Documentum (if EMC releases a major version of the Documentum family, the number of bugs found increased, as he will check if the old bugs he discovered are still present… and of course those will be there ).

This was an easy one

  • 2014 will be the year of D2 and xCP 2.x. By the end of 2014 most people will be thinking that D2 is going to be as successful as CenterStage and that xCP2 is as bad as xCP1 but “nicer”

Next year will be the year of D2 (if they match the funcionality provided by 3.1) and xCP 2.2

  • EMC will release a mobile app for the community. Only for iOS. Android version “coming soon”.

Still waiting

  • Java will lose market share to .NET/Silverlight/Adobe Flash. Oracle will release either Java 7u680 or Java 25 before the end of the year, breaking every single applet/program made with earlier versions in the way. Hopefully Oracle will also bury Oracle UCM deep in the ground.

Sadly no

  • Apple will release iOS 8, forcing every app to be iOS 8 compliant. They’ll release the iPhone 5 in colors you don’t even know existed.

I’d never expected Apple to release a “bendable” phone, that’s for sure

  • Microsoft will release another SP for windows 8 that will bring back the menu bar/start menu. Windows 9 will be announced with a return to windows 3.1 window’s style as main feature.

Close enough with the return of the start menu, and windows 9 10…

  • Real Madrid will won the champions league
  • and Spain will lose the world basketball championship against the USA (damn frenchies!!! we didn’t even get to hte finals )



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