EMC Proven Professional Certifications (Documentum)

Recently I passed my 4th EMC Certification, and I’m currently preparing other 3 (WDK and both architech tests). At this point I wanted to post some thoughts on the program (even though some of them have alreadey been discussed here -> IIG Certification)

So, should you get certificated? Definitely yes, but probably not for the reasons you expect. If you’ve been working with Documentum long enough, most test are “easy” (as long as you’re familiar with the topics), however, if you really dedicate time to prepare the certification you’ll end up reading every document that covers information on the topics (and that takes time), meaning the fundamentals guide, administration, dfc development guide, wdk development guide, etc. And by reading I mean reading, not quickly passing page after page. This careful read will refresh concepts and features, you’ll propably learn some new things you had overviewed before in the release notes and others you had no idea about… And you’ll get a new certificate that says that you know a little bit about Documentum

And some tips on the tests I’ve taken:

  • E20-120/110 (Foundation): Easy test if you take a look to the fundamentals guide and you’re a little bit familiar with xCP. New 110 brings D7 stuff so it’s going to be harder unless you’ve gone through install/migration
  • E20-495 (xCP): Though test, many products involved. It’s going to be updated in October and it will be only about xCP 2.0. Personally, I don’t understand why this tests only covers xCP 2 and the Foundamentals covers 1.5 and 2.
  • E20-465 (Administration): Read the administration guide. Easy even with the D7 stuff included in the last revision
  • E20-405 (DFC): If you’re done some DFC coding and read the DFC development guide, it’s an easy test, though it needs an update on the topics.

On the tests I haven’t take yet:

  • E20-455 (WDK): Pretty much the same as DFC test.
  • E20-475 (System Architecture) / E20-485 (Application Architecture): Probably the hardest ones. There’s no specific documentation available, questions look outdated, and sometimes it seems you’re doing an storage certification rather than a “documentum architect”, IMHO both test should become one Documentum Architect test.

Good luck!



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