Customizing/Extending REST services

In another post (Android app using REST services (II)) I said that by default the REST services only allow to run read queries on the repository. This is obviously a setback when you want to do anything else than querying the repository. So, what can we do about this?

First thing that comes to mind is to decompile the classes and see what’s going on. Basically, there’s a “checker” class that checks if the DQL should be executed or not. You can decompile, modify and replace this class to be able to run write queries on the repository.

However, there’s a cleaner (and I guess not so illegal) way to do this:

Create a new class named containing the following:


public class DQLChecker {
  public static boolean isSafeQuery(String dql){
    //do your stuff to check whatever you want to check in the sql string
    return true; //or false if you don't want the query to be run

Then put this class in webapps/dctm-rest/WEB-INF/classes/com/emc/documentum/rest/utils (or repackage the war file) and restart the server

What happens here is, whatever class you drop on WEB-INF/classes will take precedence over the same class present in any jar file in the lib folder.

PS: You can use this with any class in the REST services in case you want to modify some behaviour.



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