Customizing/Extending REST services (II)

This is an improved version of the “hack” posted in the previous post (Customizing/Extending REST services)

  • Decompile
  • Look for method executeQuery and modify the following line as you wish:

Preconditions.checkArgument(DQLChecker.isSafeQuery(dql), MessageBundle.INSTANCE.get(“E_UNSAFE_QUERY_DQL”, new Object[] { dql }));

You can use something like:

Preconditions.checkArgument(true, MessageBundle.INSTANCE.get(“E_UNSAFE_QUERY_DQL”, new Object[] { dql }));

if you want everyone to be able to run write queries or you can allow these queries to be executed only by some user(s) with something like:

if (RepositoryContextHolder.getLoginName().equalsIgnoreCase(“dmadmin”)){
//skip DQLChecker check for select statements

  • Finally place the new class in dctm-rest/WEB-INF/classes/com/emc/documentum/rest/controller.

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