Android app using REST services (II)

Some more info on this:

  • Environment:
    • Documentum 6.6P27/SQLServer
    • REST Services 7.0
  • App Development info:
    • App developed with AndroidStudio
    • Compatible with Android 4.x

Some tips/thoughts:

  • Stick to eclipse + android SDK instead of using AndroidStudio (unless until AndroidStudio is mature enough). You’ll save time and problems.
  • Programming in Android is a pain in the ass with so many different devices/versions. Apple and xCode wins there.
  • Mobile emulators requiere a huge amount of resources. Either find a test mobile phone or get a good development computer with at least 8gb RAM. I think the iPhone emulator runs better in iMacs than the android emulator in PC
  • The REST Services package doesn’t come with a POJO/BEAN implementation, so if you plan to use Java you’ll have to code those classes from scratch (boring) to parse the responses (maybe there’s a better/automatic way to do it)
  • The query service (used as a workaround to get the job info, as there is no job service) doesn’t allow write queries, so forget about updating objects/executing jobs on demand (unless you want to decompile some class and change some “startsWith(“select “)” to something else)
  • The REST services are quite fast, much much faster than DFS, consider this if you need to develop something new.

App updates:

  • Uses SQLite to store preferences
  • Remembers connection details
  • Added user list
  • You can choose what job / user attributes want to show in the details window


  • Login:


  • Job options:


  • User options:


  • Job details:


  • User details:



  • Modify user properties
  • Show/update document properties



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